Parents Information evening



Thankyou to the 30 + parents who made it to our March Information evening, which made for a great first 2021  evening of information, discussion and connection:

We will move forward with your direction on planning the next LGBTIQ Parents group evening and would love your feedback, please do let us know.

And if you have not attended please register your email address and we will send you an invite when we have locked in next date (May)

Invites for the next parents evening (Monday May 17th) will go out as soon as we have put everything together based on your feedback.


I want this the mostI would like thisI'm Neutral, just happy to attendDont need this at all
Another information led / facilitated session
A evening where all parents get a chance to share /discuss where they are at
An evening where we can bring kids along to mingle / listen / be visibile with other LGBTI kids & See themselves reflected
Other (please let us know below)