With love first. Always love first.

I GET IT. Get what?
Everything. Nothing.
I dance in rainbow shades of grey.

I spend my time HONESTLY in three different work spaces that are all inter-connected and linked. The spaces are –

  • Connecting,
  • Celebrating,
  • Creating.

And the links are Safety, Relationships, Communication.

My qualifications and experience include being a Mamma, a Marte Meo Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner and also a Commonwealth-registered Celebrant.

So what does that mean we can do together?

  1. Connecting – I consciously take the time to look at and listen to your story. I can show you what it is. I can write it down for you. I can use video footage to slow time down so that you can see your skills, your next steps and your connections to yourself and other people. (The familiar buzz words would be assessment, intervention and training).
  2. Celebrating – I would love to catch up with you and get to know you so that we can plan your wedding/ naming/ commitment ceremony together.
  3. Creating – this is my empty space reserved for whatever needs to be created.

Save Holistic Counselling

I proudly offer LGBTQI+ counselling and psychological support and am based at Erina. With a particular interest in diverse gender and sexual identities, I offer holistic counselling for those aged 12+ seeking safe, empathetic space to be heard and supported with all aspects of mental well-being. 1:1, couples and family counselling is available to help people be able to live their best lives as their true, authentic selves in a nurturing and safe space.



Pride now

Take Pride in your fitness journey, Pride now can support you at any stage in your fitness journey. Group training small or large, and personal training available

​Cancer Council NSW: LGBTQIA+ Cancer Support Service

We are Australia’s leading cancer charity, working across every area of every cancer.

We believe in a cancer free future. Every year in NSW alone, almost 48,000 people will hear the words “you have cancer”.

Every day, we:

  • Support families affected by cancer
  • Speak out on behalf of the community
  • Empower people to reduce their cancer risk
  • Find new and better ways to detect and treat cancer

Cancer Council NSW aims to improve the way the LGBTQIA+ communities access support services for people affected by cancer.

We understand that LGBTQIA+ people diagnosed with cancer have unique issues and concerns, and our support services are committed to meeting these needs in a sensitive way. The first step is to ensure there is fairer access to health services and improved health outcomes for LGBTQI communities across NSW.

Check out our LGBTIQ support page today



Photographer on the central coast specialising in the lgbtqi community.
As a member of the community myself I have strived for my  business to be a safe space for anyone in the community to get their photos taken without judgment.

I specialise in coming out portraits and couple portraits but I am well versed in all fields of photography

Central Coast ARAFMI

We are here for families and individuals impacted by mental health issues

Our award-winning organisation is committed to supporting the mental health of whole families including individuals, children, parents, grandparents and loved ones.

We value and include people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, bodies and abilities.

We offer a soft-landing community, and participant-designed, social, recreational and educational groups and activities. We also provide support, carer advocacy, and mental health referral services.

We also support mental health and wellness on the Central Coast through respite accommodation, volunteer/student placement programs and other initiatives.

Supporting carers, individual and families

If you are a carer for someone impacted by mental illness or trauma, our dedicated carer support worker is here for you. Book a 1:1 session, or join one of our welcoming carer support and education groups. Learn about our Carer and Family Support program here.

“I feel included and accepted in this safe and respectful space where I can just be who I am.” Christine

If you are personally impacted by mental health issues, we welcome you to join Yakkalla (Bateau Bay) and The TrustBeyond the Stigma (Narara).

The Trust gave my a support network and direction.” Jack

Yakkalla and The Trust are safe spaces where you can connect with others, learn new skills in supportive, non-judgemental environments. Join in creativity, wellness, living-skills, education, social groups and activities.

“Real people supporting real people.” Anon

Younger Onset Dementia Social Club (YODSS) located at Bateau Bay, is a welcoming and supportive social club where people who are experiencing younger onset dementia, and their loved ones, can relax with a cuppa, connect and have a laugh in the company of new friends.

NDIS participants are welcome to participate in our programs.

Get involved. Be supported.


About us

Central Coast ARAFMI (Association of Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill; pronounced ah-raff-me) was formed in 1976.

We recognise the valuable contribution that carers of loved one’s living with a mental illness make in our community.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land we work on and pays its respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

How you can help

We welcome donations and fundraising to help support Central Coast families and individuals impacted by mental health. Get in touch to learn more.

Minus 18

We’re leading change, building social inclusion, and advocating for an Australia where all young people are safe, empowered, and surrounded by people that support them.


Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW:  Space to be you

We work with people across Sydney and New South Wales who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender diverse, non-binary, intersex, questioning, queer, asexual and more (LGBTIQA+) people and others of diverse genders and sexualities, their families and communities.

We are a Sydney based service working across New South Wales, providing a broad range of specialised services for young people 12-25 including housing, mental health, counselling and social support. For adults we provide social support and for people of all ages we offer telephone support and webchat as the NSW provider for the national QLife project. We also offer inclusivity training and consulting for organisations and service providers across most sectors.

The Gender Centre


The Gender Centre Inc. is the peak state-wide multidisciplinary center of excellence providing a broad range of specialised services that enables the exploration of gender identity and assistance with the alleviation of gender dysphoria. We support trans and gender expressive people at every stage of their journey as they explore their authentic sense of self. This includes for some of our clients transitional support pre, mid, and post transition.

Transparent Counselling

Our approach to counselling and mental health will help you to find peace, discover your authentic self and create a life worth living now.

Transparent Counselling

Transparent Counselling is a counselling and supervision service provider based on the NSW Central Coast. Our affordable phone and online mental health services are available to clients located Australia wide.

Specialising in LGBTIQ, ADDICTION, Adult mental health


Phone & Online Counselling

Convenient appointments available via phone or online through Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and Microsoft Teams.

Clinical Supervision

Enhance your competence and discuss workplace or professional issues in a safe environment.