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Image Chrissy Hall, Model Neville Boney
Central Coast Pride is arts based,  motivated by equality for all people and highlights LGBTIQ lives and experiences through creative activations which are inclusive, contemporary. The Central Coast Pride experience is focused on diversity as the norm,creating safe and Inclusive spaces for self-expression which inspire authentic originality & celebrate unique and diverse imaginings. People Recognizing Identities and Differences for Equality. We leverage arts for social change & are creating a diverse array of events and programming, something for everyone across both the entire LGBTQIA+ community and overlapping into our entire broader community and beyond. Pride, as opposed to shame and social stigma, is the predominant outlook that bolsters most LGBTQI+ rights movements throughout the world. In 2019 we hosted our very 1st “Coastal Twist” LGBTIQ Arts & Culture festival encompassing a 3 day and night series of events from cabaret to drag on the beach – all culminating in a huge Coastie Carnie free all ages Day Sunday 6th Oct.  

Our Approach

The LGBTIQ community is not one community, but is many communities made up of people with diverse sexualities, sex and gender identities. Just like wider society, people in these communities come from differing backgrounds, hold differing political views and have differing experiences & as such, there is not one person or group who can or should represent the views of all LGBTIQ people and from that Central Coast Pride was born. You may also know us as Coastal Twist Festival or Naughty Noodle Fun Haus (& if you dont, then please do). .
We are very excited to be a part of the innovative LGBTIQ led models for change found around the world and Australia, models that are intergrating change with contemporary culture for authentic inclusion and year long participation and contribution to all communities (Think our good mates at Mardi Gras with their new “Always Open” brand or Midsumma with “year around”. Central Coast Pride has been well ahead delivering this innovation via Naughty Noodle Fun Haus since 2018 beacause “we are not free until everyone is free”.