• Driver for artwork, Artist & Crew
  • Donations collectors on fair day & festival weekend
  • Festival stall holders & survey conductors
  • Beach Drag day helpers & marquee hosts
  • Door/Usher events
  • Festival Marshal
  • Community stalls Lead
  • Events setup/ pull down/ door staff/ stage managing/
  • Poster flyer runs
  • Production Assistant Fair Day
  • Clean up the park after fair day
  • Traffic control
  • Medical / Nurse
  • Accountant
  • Social Media/Marketing

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Volunteers provide invaluable support leading up to and during the Festival in roles such as administration, production, ticketing, artist support, transportation and accommodation.


Support Coastal Twist Festival as we promote participation & active engagement of Arts & Culture based activities, creating safe & inclusive spaces for self-expression & inspiring an authentic originality.


The 3 Day festival in October needs you! From exhibition setup, to collecting art works, dance party setup to Fair day marshals, looking after our stall holders, helping artists backstage, donations, disabilities and youth areas, usher.

All volunteers are provided orientation and support, and an opportunity to participate in festival activities and contribute to its success. Closer to the Festival there will be an information session for new volunteers which will outline the available volunteer tasks, and orientation. Details of this session will be sent to you.


The LGBTQI community is not one community, but is many communities made up of people with diverse sexualities, sex and gender identities. Just like wider society, people in these communities come from differing backgrounds, hold differing political views and have differing experiences & as such, there is not one person or group who can or should represent the views of all LGBTIQ people.  Read more about us here

Want to get involved..

There are lots of ways you can get involved with Central Coast Pride, setup your own event, submit an idea, donate time or money - everything is VERY APPRECIATED & sustains the organisation.

If you are seeking support or to connect with community, please do not hesitate to get in touch and if we cant help we will put you in touch with someone who can.