YAAS! Young, Authentic and Social is a transformative arts and culture program, for YOUNG PEOPLE aged 12-24 living on the Central Coast, with a focus on those with diverse identities and abilities.

At YAAS! we are working with young people in a creative and colaborative manner to bring out the best in them. The program includes events, performance, celebrations and creative workshop activations and “fortnightly social” group for 12-17 year olds. 


Cental Coasts Annual Pride Festival, Coastal Twist LGBTIQ Arts & Culture celebration is a  great example of what a vital community symbol looks like & symbols are incredibly important for all people whose sexuality, gender, culture, age or ability is forced to remain invisible, because of the fear of discrimination, ostracism or even death.


Participate in your local community, from admin, to commnuity garden, from festival hand to front door at event, there is something for everyone.  Make friends, surround your self in arts, culture, worshop and community.


Coastal Twist LGBTIQ ARTS & Culture festival  – whats on


Coastal Twist 26 Sep – 2nd October 2023 is 7 days of jam packed surprises, playful and profound fun and learnings with LGBTIQ Arts & Culture from across our region, our state and our country as we invite adventurous Artists, Thinkers and Innovators to present work that simultaneously entertains and expands our worlds, our tolerance and our possibilities!

Magic happens and life is what you make it when we work together to deliver what a few years prior was thought impossible for this region!

From zero to hero we have aligned as a community, collaborated with our leading organisations, partnered with our most innovative local businesses and shared intentions with the regions largest employers and global brands to move forward with our mission for a Happier, Healthier and more welcoming Central Coast.